Les plus beaux bouquets de fleurs séchées

Rosa x Cotton Bird

Cotton Bird’s talented team of graphic artists inspired our idea to bring weddings and dried flowers together. What’s behind the magic? Quality stationary with an elegant, sober design is paired with a line of flowers selected for their subtle originality. Our flowers embellish announcements, wedding mass booklets, menus, sugared almond boxes traditionally found at French celebrations and more. But that’s not all. They also find their place as table centre pieces, in our soliflores, on bridegrooms’ attire and on the beautiful heads of our brides of honour or bridesmaids. Most importantly, we’ve created a whole line of bridal bouquets, from deep red to ivory white. We hope you’ll find just the right one for you.


Magda Collection


Gemma Collection


Blanca Collection


Carlota Collection


Frida Collection


Gala Collection


Olga Agustina Collection


Rosa Collection

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