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Privacy policy

Rosa Cadaqués is concerned about the protection of personal data. He undertakes to ensure the best level of protection for your personal data in accordance with the European and French regulations applicable to him in terms of personal data protection. For any information on the protection of personal data, you can also consult the site of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté

Who is responsible for processing my personal data?

The controller is the company that defines for what use and how your personal data is used. Personal data collected on the site https://www.rosacadaques.com or when you order by phone or mail are processed by: SARL with a capital of 10,000 euros
145 Chemin de la Passio Vella (66000) PERPIGNAN – FRANCE .

Why Rosa Cadaqués collects my personal data?

Rosa Cadaqués utilise vos données personnelles principalement pour les finalités suivantes

Rosa Cadaqués uses your personal data mainly for the following purposes

We need the information which concerns you for the management of your orders and the continuations of this one (for example the deliveries, the invoices, the accounting and in particular the management of the Customer spaces, the follow-up of the customer relationship such as the satisfaction surveys, complaints management and after-sales service, customer selection to carry out studies, surveys and product tests.

Payment for your orders.

When you pay on our sites, your payments are secure. Rosa Cadaqués does not collect your payment data but only a payment identifier. Your entire bank details are collected only by our payment service provider, CIC bank, which helps ensure payment security.

Payment upon purchase:

When you pay for an order, the card used for payment is not kept by our services.

The personalization of our services and the messages we send to you:

Your data allows us to improve and personalize the services we offer and the communications we send to you.
For example: we can send you personalized emails or recommend products similar to those you have already bought or consulted and which correspond to your interests.

The security of our site

We collect certain browsing data to enable us to ensure the security of our services and to detect, avoid or trace any attempt at malicious or computer intrusion or any violation of the conditions of use of our Services.

Personalization of online advertising (targeted advertising)

We may use data that does not allow you to be identified directly (technical identifiers or socio-demographic data) to adapt the advertising that you see on our site or on that of our partners. Your data can be crossed with navigation data and other information collected during our relationships with partners (eg company offering remarketing services, google…), and made pseudonymous before any use, like your slice of age or gender for the purposes of establishing your user profile and associating interests with it from which advertisements will be served on behalf of advertising partners.

Customer knowledge and statistics and performance of our site

We may use data to better understand our customers or for statistical purposes to analyze the activity of our site and improve the services we offer. We carry out audience measurements, for example we measure the number of page views, the number of site visits, as well as the activity of visitors to the site and their frequency of return.

What personal data is collected about me?

We collect and process your name, first name, address, email address, password, telephone number, IP address, connection data and navigation data, order history, preferences and centers of interest, products viewed, incidents of deliveries, complaints. The compulsory or optional nature of the data is indicated to you during the collection by an asterisk or by an alert message when validating the form that you fill out.
Some data is collected automatically due to your actions on the site, other information may be transmitted by partners.


We collect the information that you provide to us, in particular when: you create your Customer Space on our sites

  • you subscribe to our newsletter
  • you place an order on our site
  • you browse our site and view products
  • you participate in a game or contest
  • you contact our Customer Service
  • you are viewing our advertisements


What communications am I likely to receive?

  • Information and newsletters
  • Service emails
  • Following an order or as part of monitoring a contract you will receive an email to allow you to track your order or the execution of your contract (order confirmation, information on the delivery of your package …).

These service messages are necessary for the proper execution of the orders and services you have requested. The reception of this information is not linked to the choices that you would have expressed for the reception of newsletters and commercial offers.

For example: you will be able to receive punctually the information necessary for the execution and the good management of your orders.

Rosa Cadaqués Newsletters

Following the creation of your customer area and if you have given your consent, you will be able to receive information and offers from Rosa Cadaqués by electronic communication (email, sms, etc.). These newsletters allow you to keep informed of Rosa Cadaqués’ latest news on products similar to those you have already ordered, those you have recently consulted or new products.

We measure the opening rate of our electronic mailings in order to best adapt them to your needs.

Postal mail

If you have given your consent, you may receive offers and information by mail from group companies and business partners.

Phone contact

If you have not opposed it (except prospecting by automatic calling machine which will be subject to your express agreement) you may be contacted by our operators or partners to offer you offers and services related to those you have purchased.
On what legal basis and for what periods of time are my personal data processed?

The processing of your personal data is justified by different grounds (legal basis) depending on the use we make of the personal data. You will find below the legal bases and retention periods that we apply to our main treatments.

Legal bases for processing:

Among the applicable legal bases:

The consent

You agree to the processing of your personal data by express consent (check box, click, etc.). You can withdraw this consent at any time, either by unsubscribing at the bottom of an email, or in your “My Account” area.

Legitimate interest

Rosa Cadaqués has a commercial interest in processing your data which is justified, balanced and does not affect your privacy. Unless otherwise specified, you can object to legitimate interest processing at any time by notifying Rosa Cadaqués.

The law

The processing of your personal data is made mandatory by law.

Storage times:

Most of the data (for example information from your Customer Account and order history are kept as long as you are an “active” customer and for a period of 5 years from your last activity (for example Sharing of data within Rosa Cadaqués for purposes of customer knowledge archived with restricted access for an additional period for reasons limited and authorized by law (payment, guarantee, disputes …). After this period, they will be deleted.

  • Management of orders for products or services:
    Legal basis: Contract
    Shelf life in operational base: 5 years from the last activity
    Archiving: 5 to 15 years
    Useful comments: A customer is active, for example when he makes a purchase, connects to his Customer Area or while a contract or warranty is in progress.
  • Use of the Rosa Cadaqués Customer Space:
    Legal basis: Contract
    Shelf life in operational base: 5 years from the last activity
    Useful comments: A customer is active, for example when he makes a purchase, connects to his Customer Area, or while a contract or an event is in progress in his Customer Area.
  • Personalization of our services (emails, recommendation of products on our site …):
    Legal basis: Contract
    Shelf life in operational base: last 200 views for recommendation on site. 3 years from the last activity for emails.
  • Sending messages by email or sms (electronic sales prospecting):
    Legal basis: Consent
    Useful comments: You can withdraw your consent at any time in your customer area.
  • Sharing of data within Rosa Cadaqués for customer knowledge purposes:
    Legal basis: Consent
    Useful comments: You can report your opposition to the sharing of information within the Rosa Cadaqués group at any time by indicating it in the Rosa Cadaqués contact form.
  • Targeted advertising / advertising profiling:
    Legal basis: Consent
    Period of conservation on an operational basis: 13 months from the deposit of advertising cookies.
    Archiving: 2 years
    Useful comments: You can manage advertising cookies in accordance with the instructions on the cookie information page.
  • Fraud prevention:
    Legal basis: Legitimate interest
    Shelf life in operational base: 3 years from registration on an alert list.
    Archiving: 2 years
    Useful comments: You can submit your comments at any time following the cancellation of your order or subscription to an alert list.
  • Storage of bank card data following payment:
    Legal basis: Law
    Shelf life in operational base: 15 months
    Useful comments: article L133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code. Your bank details are kept by a secure payment provider.
  • Keeping the bank card in the electronic wallet for subsequent purchases
    Legal basis: Consent
    Period of conservation on an operational basis: Until the withdrawal of consent or the period of validity of the bank card.
    Useful comments: Your bank details are kept by a secure payment provider.


You can submit your comments at any time following the cancellation of your order or subscription to an alert list.
Storage of bank card data following a 15-month law payment article L133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code. Your bank details are kept by a secure payment provider
Keeping the bank card in the electronic wallet for subsequent purchases Consent Until the withdrawal of consent or the period of validity of the bank card

Your bank details are kept by a secure payment provider.

Who are the Recipients of my data?

The data that we collect can be transmitted to the service providers (subcontractors) to whom Rosa Cadaqués calls for the performance of its services within the framework of the purposes mentioned above, for example for the management, execution, processing, payment of your orders, as well as for marketing operations.

For advertising targeting

We inform you that we may communicate some of your non-identifying data to partners, such as customer profiles (socio-demographic data), cookies or technical identifiers without it being possible for them to identify you by name: for advertising targeting purposes on our site or on third party sites (see also the section cookies and advertising targeting).

To improve our customer knowledge

To allow us to connect your different terminals (computers, mobile phone …) and provide you with a harmonized experience on the different devices you use. You can also configure your cookie preferences in order to manage cookies directly in relation to advertising targeting from the cookie information page.

How to express my choices on the use of my data?

We are actively working on improving our choice manager accessible in your Customer Area to allow you to better control the use of your data.
You can at any time withdraw your consent or formulate an objection concerning the uses of your data described above: –

when creating your Customer Area via dedicated opposition boxes or links – then at any time
Online by going to your Customer Area under “My personal information”
Via the contact form: https://rosacadaques.com/en/contact

or by mail to the address:

Rosa cadaqués, 145, Chemin de la Passion Vella – 66000- PERPIGNAN – FRANCE

If you proceed via the online contact form or by mail, you must tell us your name, surname, e-mail and address and mention the reason for your request and / or the right you wish to exercise.
You can also manage your cookies by going to the cookie manager located on the cookie information page or on the websites below:


What are my rights with regard to the use of personal data?

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability if necessary) and define the fate of your personal data “post mortem” via the contact form

or by email to:


In order to allow us to respond quickly, we thank you for giving us your last name, first name, e-mail, address and, if possible, your customer reference. Certain requests to exercise your rights (right of access) must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature in order to verify your identity and specify the address to which the reply should be sent to you. A response will then be sent to you within 1 month of receipt of the request.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Data Protection (CNIL), in particular on its website www.cnil.fr

What about personal data of minors?

Rosa Cadaqués services are not intended for Minors, therefore Rosa Cadaqués does not process data concerning minors specifically. For example, we do not create a marketing profile in connection with minors. It is up to parents and anyone exercising parental authority to decide whether their minor child is authorized to use the services of Rosa Cadaqués.

What cookies are used for advertising targeting?

We use tracking technologies, in particular cookies, to adapt advertising to your needs and interests on our sites or those of partners. We invite you to consult the Cookies section for detailed information on the use of cookies and other comparable technologies and to see the options you have.

1. The cookie is a block of data which is used to record information relating to the navigation of the user of a website. A cookie is a text file placed on the User’s computer when visiting a Site or consulting an advertisement. In particular, they aim to collect information relating to site navigation and to address personalized services. In the User’s computer, cookies are managed by their internet browser. You can refuse cookies at any time. We inform you that if your computer is programmed to refuse cookies you will not be able to make purchases or take advantage of the essential functions of our site. We therefore decline any responsibility for the consequences linked to the “degraded” functions to which you will have access.

Third party cookies: We inform you that ROSA CADAQUES FRANCE has no access and cannot exercise any control over third party cookies.

Special cookies: Google Analytics is placed on your terminal for the collection of “pseudonymized” navigation data and their combination with other navigation data to display relevant advertising content and / or display marketing operations and establish invoices. associates. The Company *** is responsible for processing this data.


Internet Explorer TM:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”
  3. Click on the “Confidentiality” tab
  4. on “Advanced” and uncheck “Accept”
  5. Save your preferences by clicking on “OK”


Firefox TM :

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Press the “Alt” key
  3. In the menu at the top of the page click on “Tools” then “Options”
  4. Select the “Privacy” tab
  5. In the drop-down menu to the right of “Storage rules”, click on “use personalized settings for history”
  6. A little further down, uncheck “Accept cookies”
  7. Save your preferences by clicking on “OK”


Safari TM :

  1. Open Safari
  2. In the menu bar at the top, click on “Safari”, then “Preferences”
  3. Select the “Security” icon
  4. Next to “Accept cookies”, check “Never”
  5. If you want to see the cookies that are already saved on your computer, click on “Show cookies”


Google Chrome TM :

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on the tool icon in the menu bar
  3. Select “Options”
  4. Click on the “Advanced Options” tab
  5. In the drop-down menu “Cookie settings”, select “Block all cookies”


2. Social networks:

The site uses plugins from social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you interact using these plug-ins, the information related to your browsing on the site and your membership in these social networks will be transmitted and saved on a server of the company operating the social network considered and shared according to your settings. user account of these Social Networks, in accordance with the conditions of use of the social network considered. If you do not want a social network to link the information collected through the site to the user account of the social network in question, you must log out of the network before visiting the site. In any event, the use of these plug-ins is operated by these social networks and is exclusively governed by the conditions binding you to the social network of which you are a member.

3. IP address:

The IP address corresponds to a series of numbers separated by dots allowing the unique identification of a computer on the Internet network. ROSA CADAQUES FRANCE reserves the right to collect your IP address. The IP address will be collected with personal data and for an equivalent period, in particular to allow us to optimize the services offered to you.


145, Chemin de la Passion Vella – 66000- PERPIGNAN – FRANCE
Email: contact@rosacadaques.com
Phone: +33 6 75 48 59 22 (number not surcharged)
Intra-community VAT: FR69849489547

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